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Creating Storefront in ASP.NET 5

Framework .NET 3.5                                 =>                                 Framework .NET 4.6 C# 3.0    […]

Entity Framework: Pagination Behind the Scenes

Data pagination is always a headache. We should customize every time we want to gain performance in a large data result. In this post, I will show you the correct way to do pagination by snicking the code generated by Entity […]

Preserving order with LINQ

I examined the methods of System.Linq.Enumerable, discarding any that returned non-IEnumerable results. I checked the remarks of each to determine how the order of the result would differ from order of the source. Preserves Order Absolutely. You can map a source […]

Binding a DataGrid to a LINQ Anonymous Type, Part 2: Tuple Alternative

There is a problem trying to display Anonymous Type on DataGrid Controls. I already discussed this problem in a previous post: Now, I want to talk about an easy solution using Tuple. A tuple is a data structure that has a specific number […]

Binding a DataGrid to a List of Anonymous Type using LINQ

For some reason the Datagrid on Silverlight doesn’t binding properly the anonymous type, the most probable reason is because this control is based in older framework (2.0) so that doesn’t support anonymous type. Demo: 1. Create a Silverlight App and add the […]