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How to Query Ext JS Store

I have multiples Combo-Boxes that are related somehow so when a selection is made it affects the others combo-box data. My first implementation was to using round trips to the server, filter the data there, and retrieve the new data […]

Infinite Loop in Javascript

Be careful when you’re writing a for-loop or function using global variables in JavaScript (implicitly). For instance, I was using a function to loop through a variable i as everybody does. But inside the for-loop, I called other method that using […]

How To Combine Google Custom Search AdSense with the Default WordPress Search

Step 1: Switch the Display JAVASCRIPT Code:

HTML Code:

Test – Step 1 Step 2: Copy the Google Adsense and WordPress scripts into the div’s Step 3: Create the ID’s for the inputs (googlesearchinput and wordpresssearchinput), so we […]