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Rendering HTML Code With MVC Razor

The way the data is display in the view is quite interesting, for string, date, integer and other basic data types, the output is quite straight forward… but for HTML Code the result may or may not is what you […]

Infinite Loop in Javascript

Be careful when you’re writing a for-loop or function using global variables in JavaScript (implicitly). For instance, I was using a function to loop through a variable i as everybody does. But inside the for-loop, I called other method that using […]

How To Combine Google Custom Search AdSense with the Default WordPress Search

Step 1: Switch the Display JAVASCRIPT Code:

HTML Code:

Test – Step 1 Step 2: Copy the Google Adsense and WordPress scripts into the div’s Step 3: Create the ID’s for the inputs (googlesearchinput and wordpresssearchinput), so we […]