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Use Fake Objects As Mock or Stub (TDD)

In Test-driven development (TDD) you create your testable code faking some of the real infrastructure implementations. A fake object allow you to mimic real functions such as Send Email/SMS, CRUD operations in the database, etc. According to Roy Osherove (The Art Of Unit […]

Onion Architecture in Action – Get Started

Get Started: How to Implement Onion Architecture Successfully   In this post, I am going to create a demo implementing Onion Architecture. Here some links about this topic. Environment: IDE: Visual Studio 2010 / C# UI: ASP.NET MVC Data: Dummy List […]

Configuring Log4Net

I have a multilayered application and I want to keep my logger in the Data Layer… Here the doc about DB structure and config file: While I was implementing it, I found 3 major issues: 1. Buffer/Flush May you […]

Using Action Mailer in a Console Application

For this demo, I basically created 2 projects: Console Project Library Project As you notice already, I am not going to use MVC projects due to the goal of this project is to show how Action Mailer Standalone works and how […]

Type Methods Doesn’t have Scope

I was thinking that if a Method can be use as type (first class) such as pass as parameter, then their scope (private, public, etc) won’t matter any more… here a couple of examples… this is a non-sense example, but […]