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Configure .NET Core v1.1

I am happy to know that .NET Core is getting more mature and there is a lot more documentation. In the past, I was struggling frameworks such as dnx, aspcore, etc. and make work everything together.. And now it just […]

Onion Architecture in Action – Get Started

Get Started: How to Implement Onion Architecture Successfully   In this post, I am going to create a demo implementing Onion Architecture. Here some links about this topic. Environment: IDE: Visual Studio 2010 / C# UI: ASP.NET MVC Data: Dummy List […]

Configure an application to use Fiddler

Configure .NET Applications Note: don’t modify anything:

Important: Regardless of other settings, .NET will always bypass the Fiddler proxy for URLs containing localhost.  So, rather than using localhost, change your code to refer to the machine name.  For instance: Does […]

SharePoint – I. Installation

Microsoft SharePoint is a web platform that integrate  and centralize the processes. It covers many features from the traditional environment like Master Pages, Web Part, Web Controls, etc., and also adds new features like SharePoint’s workflow. I’m going step by step studying how […]