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DB Queries for Pagination

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Configure an application to use Fiddler

Configure .NET Applications Note: don’t modify anything:

Important: Regardless of other settings, .NET will always bypass the Fiddler proxy for URLs containing localhost.  So, rather than using localhost, change your code to refer to the machine name.  For instance: Does […]

Securing Java EE 6 Web Applications on Glassfish using JAAS

Source: I went through this huge tutorial that is quite interesting and very explanatory… and based on his implementation, I decided overwriting / adapting some parts of his code that I am more familiar with (JSF, CDI/Manged Beans, etc). I […]

Preserving order with LINQ

I examined the methods of System.Linq.Enumerable, discarding any that returned non-IEnumerable results. I checked the remarks of each to determine how the order of the result would differ from order of the source. Preserves Order Absolutely. You can map a source […]