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Installing Gtk2Hs 0.12 on Windows

Note: I normally write my own articles, but this one is an exception because I want to make sure this information still available. It was written by Jacob Stanley on October 20, 2010: Installing Gtk2Hs 0.11 on Windows This is a quick to note […]

Intro to Functional Programming

Every programmer understand the expression:

normally, a programmer will said something like: this is a naive operation to increment the variable X by 1. this is totally true from his point of view but from a mathematical point of […]

Dictionary ContainsKey() vs TryGetValue()

Using TryGetValue() to check if a key exists or not in a dictionary can improve performance of your application. Check the fallow example, MyClass, where we required to create one instance for id/key: (Factory Pattern)

May the way you […]