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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Binding a DataGrid to a List of Anonymous Type using LINQ

For some reason the Datagrid on Silverlight doesn’t binding properly the anonymous type, the most probable reason is because this control is based in older framework (2.0) so that doesn’t support anonymous type. Demo: 1. Create a Silverlight App and add the […]

Sketch Style for Silverlight Controls

I am very interested in this issue because I will add this feature to my diagram modeling tool. Search Sample using Silverlight.FX Link: Themes for Silverlight Applications This look very nice but I don’t want to use Silverlight.FX framework […]

Diagram Tool Software, Part 1

I just start this new project: Diagram Tool. The idea is enable to create DB and UML Diagrams. can open, save, redo, undo, export, user friendly and maybe Free?. other interesting feature can be to transform the between model, for […]

EDM – Entity Parts

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