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Monthly Archives: May 2011

How To Combine Google Custom Search AdSense with the Default WordPress Search

Step 1: Switch the Display JAVASCRIPT Code:

HTML Code:

Test – Step 1 Step 2: Copy the Google Adsense and WordPress scripts into the div’s Step 3: Create the ID’s for the inputs (googlesearchinput and wordpresssearchinput), so we […]

Change Source Control Using Visual Studio

Steps to Change Source Control: 1. Open the Solution on Visual Studio (2010) 2. Click on Menu: File > Source Control > Change Source Control… and Click Unbind 3. Click on Menu: Tools > Options… Expand Source Control and Select […]

Sort a Collection / ObservableCollection

I saw many interesting posting regarding to sort, but I found many constraints such as library/dll requirements (IEnumerable -> Move required System.dll v4.0 – no available in Silverlight), and other complications such as create copy of the object or used […]

Advanced SSRS Report Tips

Advanced SSRS Report Tips: 1. CONVERT a CELL in LAYOUT AREA Set a Rectangle in a CELL (Header-cell) and you can add more elements (textboxes, line, etc) in the cell… 2. Create a ROW-Parent-Group. you will see the detail area = […]