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WordPress – Call to undefined function wp_rss2feed

Some WordPress Template using in Footer.php as a below code:

This is totally valid PHP code… but what is it doing?

this function take the “encrypted” string and convert in a php or html’s sentences… then by ‘eval’ it is transformed into final output.
What is the benefit of author in this case? he wants publish his links in your web and prevent to be deleted.
How do we modify it?? the best way is:
1. Change eval for echo… run…. see the source code of your website and copy this info. Maybe there are some php code and comments that helps you to decide more clearly  to choose the correct part of code that you looking for.
2. Replace it in the original file and remove links that you don’t like it (if it is allow).
3. Replace wp_rss2feed() for bloginfo(‘rss2_url’). More info
Run again and good luck!!