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Setup a FTP Server on the Internet

Setup Filezilla Server (a FTP Server) to share folders using FTP on the Internet

1. Enable the Port 21 and 20 in the Firewall >>

– Or disable temporally the firewall because it maybe block other port as 50000-50100

2. Enable the FTP in a NAT Router (forward the Port 21)

>> Huawei >>

>> Netgear >>–how-to-access-a-home-server-behind-a-routerfirewall-127276.php

3. Install Filezilla Server

a. Set up the user and shared folder >>

b. Configure the External IP

>> Setting up and testing FileZilla Server >> Passive mode ports:50000-50100>>

4. Install Filezilla Client or use other FTP Client like explorer

Use the External IP of the server (see links) and port 21, user and password

Detect the External IP:



Test Port (for test the steps 1 and 2):