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Configure .NET Core v1.1

I am happy to know that .NET Core is getting more mature and there is a lot more documentation. In the past, I was struggling frameworks such as dnx, aspcore, etc. and make work everything together.. And now it just netcoreapp.
Here some little tweaks you have to do, to work with the latest .Net Core v1.1:

  1. Download the latest version (v1.1), select Current (.NET Core 1.1 SDK)

2. When you create a project, make sure you are using the framework .NET Core 1.1

Announcing the Fastest ASP.NET Yet, ASP.NET Core 1.1 RTM


Class Library

Web Application (MVC)

  • For the Web Application (MVC), you should go to nuget and update the packages to the latest version, and then repair the bundler minifier tool and the framework.

This is the base to create powerful .Net Core applications. In my new .NET Core projects, I was able to implement Azure, Identity Server, TFS Continue Integration and other advanced technologies of the traditional .NET.