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Manage Cloud Configurations

In this example, I created a solution with a Web Application and a Cloud Application. The Cloud has references to the existing Web application as Web Role project. And by default, it looks like this:


But you can edit this configuration by,

Selecting the Web Role, and right click and select the Properties, and then under Configuration > Service Configuration> Manage


And then you can Remove, Create copy, or Rename and you can have configurations like this: Local, Dev, Production


This will be automatically reflected in the Solution Explorer.


Now, We probably want is to create publishing profiles. You can do this by going to the Cloud Project, right click, select “Publish…”, and then Sign in (next) > Settings (next) > Diagnostics (next)> Summary

After clicking the save icon you will be able to set the name and then Manage.


Manage Profile will open and you will be able to create others publishing profiles in the same way you did before (Remove, Create copy, or Rename) but remember to click the save icon, and exit it this Publish Azure popup window.


NOTE: You don’t have to publish it anything at this time, we are just creating a profiles.

Finally the solutions will reflect these changes: