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Programming is fun. We have the opportunity as software/web developer to enjoy ourself by creating digital products that help people. Some have a huge impact and other the impact is trivial. But, whatever you are doing let’s have fun.

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  • Adroid App – HAX kernel module is not installed!

    18 Jan 2015

    I am starting to learn how to develop a android application and after I installed Android Studio and try to run my first app on an emulator, I found myself facing this first problem: CPU acceleration status: HAX kernel module […]

  • Use Fake Objects As Mock or Stub (TDD)

    27 Jun 2014

    In Test-driven development (TDD) you create your testable code faking some of the real infrastructure implementations. A fake object allow you to mimic real functions such as Send Email/SMS, CRUD operations in the database, etc. According to Roy Osherove (The Art Of Unit […]

  • Entity Framework: Pagination Behind the Scenes

    17 Jun 2014

    Data pagination is always a headache. We should customize every time we want to gain performance in a large data result. In this post, I will show you the correct way to do pagination by snicking the code generated by Entity […]