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Programming is fun. We have the opportunity as software developer to enjoy our self by creating digital products that help people. Some have a huge impact and other the impact is trivial. But, whatever you are doing let’s have fun.

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  • Configure .NET Core v1.1

    18 Feb 2017

    I am happy to know that .NET Core is getting more mature and there is a lot more documentation. In the past, I was struggling frameworks such as dnx, aspcore, etc. and make work everything together.. And now it just […]

  • PIVOT in SQL Server – Correct Aggregated Results

    2 Sep 2016

    This is my first time using PIVOT and something I learned was: projection (SELECT) is essential for correct aggregated results. Here a sample using a Sales table (link to download script file at the bottom): Here a wrong way to do a PIVOT , here […]

  • Manage Cloud Configurations

    31 May 2016

    In this example, I created a solution with a Web Application and a Cloud Application. The Cloud has references to the existing Web application as Web Role project. And by default, it looks like this: But you can edit this configuration […]